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at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe 2022 in Hanover

At Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe 2022 in Hanover – Europe's largest exhibition for hydrogen and fuels – the German Fuel Cell Cooperation will exhibit from 30 May to 2 June 2022 at booth D63 in hall 13 to present their latest solutions for the hydrogen industry.

The German Fuel Cell Cooperation (GFC) is made up of the three midsized high-tech companies VON ARDENNE (Dresden), Weil Technology (Müllheim) and ZELTWANGER (Tübingen). The three equipment providers combine their respective expertise along the entire process chain to support the production of fuel cell systems and electrolyzers.

At Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe 2022 in Hanover, they are presenting their coordinated solutions for an efficient production for the first time to a broader audience. Now, the leading companies in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry can rely on the bundled expertise of three flexible and reliable system manufacturers. And this is ideal for quickly and efficiently reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas.

The three partners bring decades of experience from their core business into the cooperation and combine this to form one seamless process:

VON ARDENNE provides its expertise in the development and production of vacuum coating systems, which are used to functionalize the surfaces of metal strips (pre-coating) or bipolar plates (post-coating). Weil Technology is available as an experienced partner with its knowledge in the field of laser cutting and laser welding of metal bipolar plates. ZELTWANGER’s expertise in automated assembly and testing processes, leak testing and laser applications is essential at various points along the production chain.

Thanks to these competences and comprehensive knowledge of the complex value added chain, the GFC develops a suitable production solution together with its customers. This results in custom concepts that support a variety of different approaches and fulfill the required specifications. 

GERMAN FUEL CELL COOPERATION at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe 2022 in Hanover

Hall 13 / D63

Ingo Bauer
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Scalability – the Key to Success

The global climate crisis and the unstable supply of conventional energy sources not only require the rapid development of highly efficient hydrogen technologies, but also their reliable transfer to a production scale.

The GFC partners support their customers with that based on their decades of experience in the scaling of processes and systems, ranging from the development on a laboratory scale, to pilot production to high-volume production.


VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures systems for the industrial vacuum coating of materials, such as glass, wafers, metal strips or polymer films. Depending on the application, these coatings are one nanometer to a few micrometers thin and give the materials new functional properties. Our customers use these materials to produce high quality products, such as solar cells and solar modules, architectural glass and vehicle glazing, fuel cells, lithium ion batteries or microelectronic components for sensor systems and optics. Systems and components provided by VON ARDENNE make an important contribution to protecting our environment. They are crucial when producing products that help to consume less energy or that generate energy from renewable resources.

With more than 60 years of experience in electron beam technology and over 45 years of experience in magnetron sputtering, VON ARDENNE is a pioneer and worldwide leading supplier of systems and technologies in PVD thin-film and vacuum process technology. We offer our customers technologically mature vacuum coating systems, comprehensive expertise and global service. The key components are developed and manufactured in-house at VON ARDENNE.

ABOUT Weil Technology

As a machine builder and solution provider, Weil Technology helps to implement new production processes in sheet metal processing and to optimize, automate and make more sustainable existing sheet metal processing. 

The company's core expertise is machines for sheet metal processing via laser welding and laser cutting. Weil Technology can look back on over 30 years of experience here. At the company head office in Müllheim in Bavaria, approximately 220 employees develop and produce custom concepts and systems.

ABOUT Zeltwanger

The companies of the ZELTWANGER group are among the technology and innovation leaders in the development and manufacture of modern systems for automation, leak testing, laser applications and thermal management.

In the e-mobility industry, ZELTWANGER offers various solutions along the entire value-added chain for the production and quality assurance of battery systems, fuel cells and electric motors.

The modular devices and systems for the sealing and functional testing can easily be expanded by using plug-and-play measurement modules, which is unique on the market in this form. Moreover, ZELTWANGER develops and realizes high-end automation systems, such as stacking systems for the fuel cell industry.