Press Release

VON ARDENNE Awarded by First Solar as Best in Class Supplier


First Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar modules and operator of PV power plants, has recognized VON ARDENNE for its project execution and collaborative innovation with the First Solar NOVA Award 2015 – Best in Class Supplier.

The award was presented to VON ARDENNE last week by First Solar during a global manufacturing review attended by executives from R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Engineering and Production.

According to a press release in the company blog, VON ARDENNE “has been instrumental in helping First Solar grow through technological advances of their glass coating equipment, which in turn enables First Solar to achieve production-scale solar module advancements”. VON ARDENNE has worked with First Solar to maintain consistency in introduction of new technology to First Solar production lines in the USA and Malaysia.

Shellie Molina, First Solar Vice President, Global Supply Chain, said that VON ARDENNE’s “experience in developing specialized coating and deposition equipment while executing to an aggressive timeline has aided First Solar in rapidly scaling the technology roadmap”.

VON ARDENNE “has demonstrated the highest levels of technical excellence and commitment to quality through the design and manufacture of core, process-critical equipment used in our CdTe manufacturing plants,” added Raffi Garabedian, First Solar’s Chief Technology Officer and stated that “Our partnership remains an important element of our overall technology strategy."

With this award, First Solar honors the excellent performance of VON ARDENNE employees in Dresden (Germany), Perrysburg (USA) and Kulim (Malaysia). For VON ARDENNE, the recognition is also an incentive to continue the successful cooperation with First Solar.